Ep. #2: Because Tidy Feels Good

Ep. #2: Because Tidy Feels Good

You do not have to have an obsession-level love for all things organization in order to benefit from this episode. We are just two sisters, shootin’ the shit, swapping tips, and trying to bring a little humor and a lot more encouragement back into the messiness of life. I hope you will give it a listen! But for my readers…

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Here’s a quick and dirty list of tips that were shared on this episode!

Test-drive, then adapt.

It can be so challenging to introduce new systems of organization into the home. What takes hours to organize takes your family about .02 seconds to mess up. (Can I get a witness!?)

While, actively involving family in the process can help them better understand and respect the systems in place, sometimes a situation just calls for more grace…or a different solution all-together!

What works in one season my not always serve you and your family well in the next. This is why you will find me re-organizing on the regular! Organizing is not a one time event; it’s a process, and its imperfect, but when those chaotic days (weeks/months) hit hard, having organized systems already in place makes for a quicker, easier reset.

And some visual references after listening to the episode! Here are some BTS of Dre’s house!

Andrea’s House:

Emma’s House:

We both love Marie Kondo’s methods and recommend this book!

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